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Elektro Magnetfeld System Senti Plus professional
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Electro-magnetic-system sentiplus professional

The electro-magnetic equipment developed and produced in Germany for practical efficiency and usability, sentiplus professional sets new standards in terms of function, handling and quality.


sentiplus professional

8-coil foldable mattress applicator

8-coil foldable mattress applicator (detail figure)

8-coil foldable mattress applicator folded longwise

8-coil foldable mattress applicator folded longwise, folded back from the right

8-coil foldable mattress applicator folded longwise, folded back from the right and left

8-coil foldable mattress applicator folded totally

The sentiplus professional electro-magnetic equipment in the transport-bag

Only 5 steps to more well-being

    Switch-on       Select menu     Select period        Select              Start

                                                of application     intensity        application


As highlight in the scientific and technology progress for a broad banded support of the activation of endogenous mechanisms of maintenance, granting the patent secures the sentiplus professional electromagnetic system a pioneering knowledge-based new and further development as a ground breaking app...


The number of frequency components in one electro-magnetic stimulation signal

has significantly increased due to intensive research. Thereby the molecule systems can be activated in a wider range, increasing the scope of stimulus possibilities widely.


A medical magazine covering holistic therapy

introduces the electro-magnetic system sentiplus professional in its issue April 3. 2009 (www.ganzheitsmedizin.ch).


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